Meera Adopts Two Newborn Deer Calves


With the signs of her wedding bells ringing so to speak, Meera is getting more considerate than usual. She has recently adopted two newborn deer calves from Lahore Zoo. She does look like an animal-lover, at least does not appear to be harmful for them, but to adopt two newborns seems like an effort on her part to have a kind image.

She is another of many Pakistani actresses who make news for their controversial behaviors. The News International has further reported that these newborn baby deers will stay in the zoo and not with Meera for practical reasons quite obviously. But she will afford their maintenance and financial costs.

If being animal friendly has anything to do with her attempt to make good news rather than misjudged then she did manage to do it. Let us hope this new change stays this positive. Already her recently tweeting the denial of her engagement report has been intriguing.

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