Strings with Gillette continue to enthuse Pakistani Youth


Strings Live in Gillette Concert at Beach LuxuryPakistan’s iconic pop/rock band ‘Strings’, have recently completed their tour of university campuses around Pakistan to connect with the youth as part of ‘Gillette Grooming Gurus’ campaign. Strings also performed a concert in Karachi at The Beach Luxury Hotel as part of the campaign, which was attended by over 3,000 people, most of which comprised of students from across Karachi.

Around two months ago, Gillette officially launched Mach3 Sensitive in Pakistan and announced its partnership with ‘Strings’ as Gillette Grooming Gurus. As part of the campaign Strings and Gillette team visited university campuses across Pakistan and connected with thousands of young men and shared with them tips on styling and grooming. The key idea behind this initiative was to instill confidence in the Pakistani youth and help them prepare for challenges of the professional world.

According to Salman Yousuf, Brand Manager Gillette Pakistan, “Gillette as a brand has always aimed to help men look, feel and be their best and the Grooming Gurus campaign was a step in the same direction.” He further added, “Faisal and Bilal are not just music legends in Pakistan, but they also personify highest standard of male styling and grooming. Together with them we have reached out to the youth of our country with the intention of giving them the confidence to feel and be their best in all that they do”

Sharing his views at the event, Bilal Maqsood, said, “Gillette Grooming Gurus campaign has been an amazing experience for us. Gillette is one brand almost all males are associated with since the time they start shaving and it was a great honor for us to partner with Gillette to fuel energy and confidence in the Pakistani youth.” Faisal Kapadia also shared his views about the Grooming Gurus Campaign at the occassion, “We’ve always believed in the potential that Pakistani youth has to offer. When the Gillette team approached us for this project we were more than eager to support them as this was a great platform for us to connect with students across country and play our role in nation building”

The concert by ‘Strings’ was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants and the band kept their performance interactive by keeping the audience engaged throughout.

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