Hassan Jahangir makes his comeback with Bengali tune ‘Dol Dol’ (Video)


Hassan JehangirPakistani music history possesses brilliant singing stars which gave the proper contour to our music industry. Recently most of the legendary stars like Mohsin Raza Khan (Bunny), Mohammed Ali Shyhaki, and Alamgir made their comebacks. Now it’s turn for the Hawa Hawa legend, Hassan Jahangir.

Hassan Jahangir has now released his song ‘Dol Dol’ which is sung on a Bengali tune. Hassan Jahangir while talking to Etribune said, “[The song] was in the pipeline for a long time. I’d been thinking about new music for a while and ‘Dol Dol’ is a result of that,” The pioneer in his era wrote those songs which were appreciated by teenagers as well as adults of that time. When he was asked about this, he quipped, “My songs have always had a very strong message and a great example of that is “Shadi Na Karna Yaro”.

In 2009 it was heard that Hassan Jahangir’s Hawa Hawa will feature in a Bollywood movie but no evidence came. Hassan said, “That project had stopped for some time but things are back on track now. Apart from that, I’ll be leaving for India to sing for an upcoming Bollywood film very soon,”

Below is the music video of Bengali tune sung by Hassan Jehangir (we know this will drastically affect his reputation, but he made it, not us)


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