Day 2: Pantene Bridal Couture Week Lahore 2011 (Pictures)


Bridal Couture Week Lahore Day 2 Pictures

Lahore, October 16: Day 2 of Pantene Bridal Couture Week organized by Style360 opened with a different set and backdrop, wowing the audience. Turquoise curtains formed the backdrop while peacocks made of fresh imported flowers graced either side of the ramp which was also decorated with fresh flowers, and a blue carpet. The trees within the sitting area were also decorated with beautiful and colourful flowers, adding to the ambience.

The show opened with Shaiyanne Malik displaying a colourful and ethnic collection dedicated to her women workers from the rural areas. She was followed by Sana Rizwan whose collection was inspired by the Mughal era. In between her showing Omer Iftikhar came in to perform and sang a medley as models strutted down the ramp. Resham donned the showstopper for Rizwan.

An entertainment segment followed in which Hamada mesmerized the audience with a tanura performance inspired by Egyptian Sufi dance. To the delight of those who had witnessed his performance the first day, his act was different this time round, and even more stunning than that of the day before.

Sadaf Arshad was the last designer of the evening. Her collection comprised gowns, saris and long dresses worn with pants or aizaars. Fia then entertained the audience with a classical dance performance. Shazia Kiyani of Shazia’s Gallery came in next. Her collection largely comprised long gowns and heavy bridal shararas.

Day 2’s second segment opened with Indian designers Rabani and Rakha whose collection stood out for being very different. Largely comprising western style gowns and saris, their ensembles were embellished with stones. Hadiqa wore their showstopper.

Mariam’s dance performance choreographed by Pappu Samrat came in next to entertain audiences. The second design label to show in this segment was Crimson. Showcasing both sartorial and women’s wear the collection was dramatic. Hamada’s performance followed and drove the audience wild yet again.

The finale designer was La Chantal who showcased an elaborate collection with great drama. Reema donned the showstopper, and much to the audience’s surprise, Shaan came in after her in a black sherwani. The show ended with a lineup of all the designers during the Week with a model each displaying their ensemble. Sparklers went off culminating the show.

Organised by Style360 and sponsored by Pantene the Pantene Bridal Couture Week was choreographed by Hassan Sheharyar Yasin of HSY. Sabs Salon did the hair and make-up throughout. Air Blue was the airline partner of the event.

Here are some pictures from the day 2 of Bridal Couture Week, Lahore 2011:

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