Club Caramel – Teray Bin [Audio/ Music Video Review]



Club Caramel is a band which consists of Adnan Sarwar and Kiran Chaudhry, and resides in Lahore, Pakistan. Their transition into the mainstream music ― starting off as a cover act in 2006, playing short gigs at concerts, and then finally arriving into the big scene of Pakistani music industry ― is something to cheer up for.

Their first Single track― Zindagi, which was released on 24th March this year ― did wonders for them and all of a sudden paved the way for their comeback song; Teray Bin.


Club Caramel, for a band name, is quite catchy and unique but I wasn’t really sure if they’d be serving those qualities in their music as well. However, after listening to Teray Bin, I dare say it’s one of the better songs coming out from Pakistani musicians/bands/singers in the year 2011. It has all of those features that one good number must have: sober melody, composition, beautiful vocals and arrangements.

Audio-wise, I would specially like to mention the hardworking effort of Adnan Sarwar, who has brilliantly managed this song in composing, arranging, and writing. Kiran Chaudhry, the vocalist, has also done commendable job on her part as she possesses a great mature voice but she needs to work specially on her high-notes. And just when you think you’ve got it all – the song changes its dimension; neatly and cleaning picking up its pace, which is another one of its plus point. Overall, Teray Bin is a must-listen track that’ll please your ears in joy.

Now, onto the part of the video, I tried very hard and deep to look into the littlest things for criticism but fortunately all I found was nothing. The concept and the direction of the song have got a gothic feel. And the make-up guys (Maram and Aabroo) and wardrobe guys (Fawad Hussayn and Munib Nawaz) specially need a pat on their back for their sheer brilliance; without these four guys, the video wouldn’t have got their original look.

The American singer-writer Lady Gaga, who has delivered hits like “Bad Romance” and “Judas” once said, “I want women – and men – to feel empowered by a deeper and more psychotic part of themselves. The part they’re always trying desperately to hide. I want that to become something that they cherish”. And right after releasing Teray Bin, Kiran mentioned the Lady Gaga quote on her Facebook account and said that they (Club Caramel) “have tried to express this in our own way through this video.”

In a nutshell, Club Caramel’s second single Teray Bin is surely a treat to listen/watch. And they’re definitely one of the fewest upcoming Pakistani bands to look forward to. Hats off guys for your brilliant work!


Audio: 8/10

Video: 9/10

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