BOL movie songs, available to download for FREE!


Bol Movie Songs and Music AlbumThe most awaited Pakistani Film, BOL,  is finally releasing on 24th June 2011, and its Music Album has also been released in both India and Pakistan. But unlike many Pakistani Albums, which do not get pirated now after some strong actions taken in last few years, BOL Movie songs are easily available to download for FREE and being pirated like hell over cyber space.

As the promos are heavily running on GEO TV Network , with its promotional campaign and advertisements on Print Media and Newspapers as well, the search for BOL Movie songs is increasing day by day. And as usual, every one wants to Download it and not BUY it, as mostly asked by many but not followed accordingly.

Fire Records, the record label for the bol music album, is famous for claiming copyrights and piracy issues very seriously, however this time the album is being pirated heavily on internet and there is no such resistance seen as of yet against ANY website or blog. Just a simple search query on Google for BOL movie songs can take you to the complete music album and you can download/listen to the album without paying a single buck.

Just after knowing this fact, I laugh out loud when I see a morning host on a Prime TV Channel asking the masses to ‘PLEASE BUY THE ALBUM TO SUPPORT THE ARTIST / MUSIC INDUSTRY and DISCOURAGE THE PIRACY’ – its just like you throw your Mobile phone in a public place and expect people that they will not pick it up.

Another interesting find: when I visited the Fire Records Official Website today, it has NO INFORMATION or POSTER regarding the most hyped movie and music Album. The website seems not updated for quite sometime and no major music album is released by FIRE RECORDS in recent few months. Now when the Record Label, which has the monopoly in industry and has over 50 plus major artists under its umbrella, can do this negligence how can one think about the betterment of the music and film industry in Pakistan.

I hereby force again the Fire Records official and concerned person to please come up with some new music business model in Pakistan and monetize this music by applying a digital system. (for that Fire Records will have to FIRE every TOM, Dick and HARRY from its organization and HIRE the Professionals to do the job – yeah such a dream!).

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