Asim Subhani – Facebook Love Story (Official Music Video+Mp3 Download)


Asim Subhani new music video Facebook Love StoryWhere-ever you go these days, the talk is related to ‘Facebook’! Yes, again it’s Facebook but this time it is based as a storyboard of a new song.  It is ‘Facebook Love Story’ by Asim Subhani.

This guy is on cloud nine after releasing 2 songs earlier this year (‘O jaan-e-jaan..’ and ‘Tere Liye’). An article featured in fashion magazine ‘Me & My Wedding’ reads, “Word ‘Superstar’ has a new synonym – ‘Asim Subhani’ .Soon the echoes of Asim Subhani will rock through the cities of Pakistan, and there will be no one stopping the show”. 100% Agreed!

While the whole music industry is focusing more towards ‘Rocking’ the crowd with ‘Rock’, there are quite a few daring names who have shown their courage to win the hearts of people rather than hypnotizing them to the beats of rock and this guy seems to be surely one of them.

By the way, what is ‘Facebook Love Story’?

Is it the story of every other male and female Facebook user, or is it some crazy idea which Asim has come up with? Asim says that it is ‘his personal experience‘ if the audio is taken in isolation from the video. Plus, his official facebook page says, ‘Album Release before December 2011’. We hope that whatever is cookin’ in his kitchen is going be really delicious! We can only wish him luck because it our dear wish that the young blood of this Pureland gives some real time good entertainment to our extremism torn nation! He has worked hard on this song and has full faith and belief in his audience. The video is dedicated to the Legendary Moin Akhtar for the ‘disguises’ in the video.

Watch this video by yourself to see the ‘courage and boldness’ of this young new Super Star!


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