What 25000 Fans of PakiUM mean for us ?


Pakium gets 25000 fansSince we have not much events to celebrate, we don’t party much and hang out most of the time due to our dynamic job nature, so this is kinda great news for us as we have achieved today 25000 fans on our beloved Facebook Page. And there is no good medium than this blog to celebrate this. 😀

Let me tell you, getting this much targeted audience wasn’t easy at all.  We love the part that these fans found us, ‘Liked’ us and supported us through out. We didn’t market the page at all, didn’t advertise on ad networks to get instant fans and this is why we have all organic and like minded fans. Without their support, Pakium couldn’t achieve this much success. You guys must be saying what the formal things I am writing , but trust me this matters the most for us, at least for me. At times, we were wrong, posted not-so-authentic news , promoted not so good artists but our fans enlightened us, encouraged us and indeed helped us understand what should be done and what shouldn’t be done at all.

25000 fans only , so what ???

Many would be thinking why so much buzz on reaching just 25k fans, there are pages with 300k fans and they are growing at much faster pace, you are kiddies and left behind. So we believe and say respectfully that we only have those 25k who support Pakistan Entertainment Industry and want it to grow and see ruling the world.

Plus, the interactions and likes on our posts are much more than any page even from those having double of our fans. We also believe that If we all concentrate on owing just one field of Pakistan and make it a progressive one, this would be the best we would be able and contribute to our country. And this is the only intention and aim behind, we have been spending much of our time on this blog.


Special thanks to the friends of PakiUM dot com

This success is also made possible because of dozens of friends who helped us through out in this venture and this is their love that I haven’t yet left this Niche and failing to do so continuously.  From the first logo making by AJ-DJ in the early days, to the support of Raja Yasir in developing the revamped version 3 of Pakium. From great articles by Havi Zayed on nationalistic approach to the crispy gossips of Sehrish Raja on celebrities, from Zia Qadri’s word-of-mouth marketing to Ali Riaz’s hardcore event marketing strategy – these guys always added bricks to the construction of this great building called Pakium dot com.

Thanks to my just-like-brother – Waqas Sarwar – for holding my hands and Ata Shaikh for standing beside me. Hats off to photographers like Ehsan Farooqi, Xeeshan Lakhani and Fahad suleman who contributed great photos of the celebrities and covered many events on behalf of Pakium. Special thanks to Kartika Sharma of neighboring country and Mujtaba Zaidi from Sri Lanka for their recent contributions.  Kudos to Hataf Siyal – the new author in Pakium’s writer panel – these all are the guys and off course many are left of whom name I am missing right now – have helped me progressing Pakium dot com.

Thanks to Samran for making us professional look Media/Press Cards and to Salman Siddique and Arsalan Ali for their occasional guest posts.

This journey of last 4-5 years hasn’t yet ended and I hope it will continue, even If I left it for some personal reasons.

As a courtesy, I would like to thank all those musicians/artists who shared with us their exclusive releases first . Special shout out to all those Sponsors who put in some bucks to support our cause and blog.


Now I am just hoping and seeing that things will grow at a quick pace in the upcoming weeks and months. I have been testing and cooking some new stuff, if it goes well, it will definitely make Pakium even more stronger. You can also suggest us some good ideas on admin at pakium.pk

Keep checking this place and stay connected with us as we are continuously updating something for you =)

Again, Thanks for your love and support !

Pakistani music and entertainment industry is flourishing just because the support of you guys

Have a good time and visit !


– Danish
Pakistani Ultimate Media
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