For 8000+ fans of Pakium By Sehrish Raja


For 8000+ fans of Pakium

Guest Post By Sehrish Raja

pakium fan pageAnother facebook page, a little more popular, became an introduction to this wonderful page I belong to now. Right after I became a fan of Pakium, I left the other page reasons being really personal (anger first, loyalty second :p).

Since then, I have been an active member of Pakium keeping my comment submitting speed to a zillion comments on every third post.I have become a part of them (zombie movies have a lot of ‘them’, if by any chance you have noticed) being able to come up with something that didn’t have the remotest connection with what is called writing. I was still encouraged and got alot of support from Danish Mughal (honorable mention only because he will have to bear with me for long). Over here, I really feel the need to thank all of those who read my article (aka a-three-paragraph-bullcrap).

When the article got published, I couldn’t log off from Facebook for even a split second. I was excited, nervous, fidgety, jittery etc etc because that was actually my debut write-up. By the end of the day, I was able to gather only 13 comments and 12 likes (one being Danish himself). I pathed to Salman Siddique’s post and found out the same response although it was much better and far more mature than my post. I logged on to the website ( and viewed Danish’s articles (I have already read each of them almost thrice). You wouldn’t believe that the Owner himself had a few good comments (hardly) on his posts.I actually found myself feeling low and dejected.

I scribbled a message to Danish (on Facebook*) telling him that I need to work harder on my upcoming articles to earn response from fans and others. I thought I was out bowled in my debut appearance and hardly anybody took me serious. He sent to me, the statistics (to make me feel better, i think :p) and i found out that people read and shared it with their friends on facebook. It made me feel better.

Each time, I encounter a situation, new angles open up to me. This time, I hated this ‘new angle’ because it only made me cry (okay, damp eyes only!). I am sure Salman’s article also had alot of readers but hardly anybody bothered leaving comments neither on the quality of the post nor on the subject of it. WHY?

There are more than 8000 fans of Pakium and more than 50,000 people visit it every month. On an average, 100 views of a single post generate one comment. So arithmetically, 8000 views would generate only 80 comments. There are so many comments and opinions on “khatti meethi khabrain“. We, Authors, also need positive criticism and feedback from you. It really hurts when we find that people didn’t notice our posts (not all authors are desperate souls like me so they naturally don’t pester Danish) because apparently no comments means no lift*.

I have dragged it to a point where I, myself, am getting a feeling that I am blabbering and I still haven’t gotten my point across. Pakium is a website solely dedicated to promoting the entertainment media of Pakistan and our articles surround it. TO ALL THE FANS, its not just about clicking the “like” button, there is certainly more to it. Listen to music the team exclusively uploads for you, watch videos, read articles and most of important of all, COMMENT! (for God’s sake)

Dear reader, by writing this article, I didn’t mean to offend anybody. If you don’t agree with me, this is one right you are born with. Remember, if you think there is no point, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any.


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