Strings was given an offer to make ‘Aisa hoga Hindustan’


    strings was offered to make indian patriotic songThe band Strings recently revealed on a TV show that they were offered by a leading Radio Channel of India to make a song ‘Aisa Hoga Hindustan’ for India.

    Strings the band , which appeared for a interview with Mahvash Waqar on Express 24/7 show, revealed that they received a phone call from leading FM Radio Channel of India asking them to make a similar track as ‘Aisa Hoga Hindustan’ for India. Saying ‘thanks’ to the offer , the band excused to accept it as they had made it solely for their own country – Pakistan. Revealing the details about the project, Bilal Maqsood told the host:

    ‘basically they wanted us to collaborate and Jam with an Indian Band on the same song and then come up with another version of the song titled ‘Aisa Hoga Hindustan’.

    The reason why the band couldn’t make its mind to accept and go for the offer , is already explained in the same interview. The band told that this time they didn’t approach any corporate sponsor for their video. Explaining the reason behind it, Faisal Kapadia told, ‘we thought how can we make a patriotic thing with corporate message ? it won’t be a national message then, it will be more like a commercial stuff.’

    We appreciate the band’s thoughts and acknowledge that only due to this reason the song has been made its space among the hearts of the masses, who now sees the band as a serious music reformer in Pakistan.

    Check out the video song of ‘Mein Tou Dekhoon Ga’ again :

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