Strings interview with Mahvash Waqar of Express 24/7 [Video Episode]


Strings Interview with Mahvash Waqar on Express 24/7The band Strings recently gave an appearance on a TV show on Express 24/7 News Channel. The show, hosted by Mahvasah Waqar, started with a wonderful video report that covered ‘Strings’ as a most popular and influential Pakistani bands in the World.

The band members Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood talked in the show about various other topics and revealed literally so many things. They discussed their experience with ‘Lahore’ and concerts there, talked about music business in Pakistan and how difficult it is to break into music now?

Strings also talked about their latest new song ‘Mein Tou Dekhoon Ga’ . The band also raised concerns over playing too much foreign content on Pakistani channels. Most interestingly, the band seems now more ‘tech savvy’ and ‘social media geek’ as they are accepting the latest trends and sees internet as an important medium to spread their music and message. The band also revealed that they put up the song mp3 for FREE DOWNLOAD which fetched over 35000 downloads within a matter of time.

Strings also revealed that they received a phone call from a major Indian Radio Channel to make a similar track as ‘Aisa hoga Pakistan’ for ‘Hindustan’ with a collaboration with an Indian Band off course.

So before revealing more interesting things this video interview has, let me just embedd the complete video episodes for you guys and enjoy the interview yourself:

Strings on Express 24/7 Part 1

Strings on Express 24/7 Part 2

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