Filmstar Meera facing mental disorder? or what?



Pakistani Film Actress Meera with Mahesh Bhatt

Since she left for India, there are bizarre statements, weird gossips and controversies keep on developing each day in the media of sub-continent. Perhaps, the infamous Meera wanted it that way.

First Meera blamed Mahesh Bhatt of abusing her , then She reached back again to his office and apologized for anything that happened, saying that she was only kidding with Bhatt SaabJi. Now this was the height of double standard, and a credible person like Bhatt should have taught Meera a tough lesson for this, but he was nice enough and had probably learnt the psychology of the film actress. While clarifying his position, he had already said :

First of all, Meera is a unique phenomenon. She is a South Asian treasure. She’s bizarre and innocent at the same time; she’s smart and then completely childlike the next instant.

Meera just after this tried to normalize the situation by her tweet:

i hv no hard feelings towards mahesh bhatt, i never said mr bhatt slaped me nothing happened to me i dont know way people are making this issue i m busy with my new project

Bravo Meera ! you cover-up things so nicely !

– Okay, its about Meera Jee’s Tweets!

Anyhow, today’s topic is even more than that, I have been enjoying her latest tweets since she left for India ( BTW her twitter id is authentic and linked to her official website so today I would bring out some amazing things that I had been observing for last many days.

Filmstar Meera TweetsIn an interesting update, she posted : “i was invited for dinner bay yash raj family”

Now I am wondering whether we earlier heard about Yash Chopra or Yash Raj? and whether these two Yashs represent one company or the two others? Off course they are different so why did Meera wrote Yash Raj instead of Yash Chopra? Definitely, to start another controversy or earn some more points. Anyhow what she tweeted was actually meant that she is EVERYWHERE , from Yash Chopra to Mahesh Bhatt’s Office and to the home of Yash Raj to the farm house of Imtiaz Ali. Meera has contacts and terms with ALL.

I was praising her PR policy but her another tweet forced me to bang my head over my desk : “i decided to do less work in india only quality work i always enjoy visiting india”

So If you are that much concerned about quality why don’t you stick to just one ace director i.e Yash Chopra who has even signed you in a movie? Why wasting your time on ‘quantity’ by reaching at the doors of every film maker ?

– Does Meera really face any mental disorder ?

Just after these double standards , I had agreed with the statements of Mahesh Bhatt that she needs parental guidance and probably she is facing mental disorder.

But WAIT ! soon after this, her another tweet comes up on screen; Meera Jee says : ‘i pray five times a day it brings peace to my life’

Masha Allah, do we need anything else to say ? NO, say Masha Allah !

Meera Jee reading english newspaperMeera had been tweeting at the late night, after 3 am approx., and I was reading it almost LIVE (thanks to twitter ajax technology) and as soon as her last tweet came up I had been convinced! she is not really facing any mental disorder or something. She is executing an effective ‘bad publicity campaign’

– Meera is even smarter than we all thought !

In my opinion, she has hired a social media expert who has been given the task to daily update her twitter account with amazing and controversial statements that can easily become the headlines of the newspapers the next day. Most importantly, the ‘Social media expert’ is also told NOT TO WRITE IN PROPER ENGLISH, which can lead people to believe that Meera has pretty nice English (they may even get in doubt some one else is tweeting on her behalf). Probably, this is the major reason we read the terms like ‘rant’, ‘bay’, ‘mat’ and ‘wright’ in her tweets.

So, just to make you even more convinced she is not mentally frustrated but being properly marketed, please read her Last TWEET of the Night:

my birthday is on may 12 media will celebrate in india i will turn 26

WHOA !!! Ultimate !  and what about the fact that I have been watching you since last 26 years on screens ?

Folks, You can also join Meera’s birthday party along with 1956 followers on her Twitter

Let us know in the comments, If you, by chance, have any opinion.

P.S I know the post is extremely sarcastic , but mein kya karoon , Mein Aisaa Hee Hun

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