Meera flies to India to meet Yash Chopra


Pakistani Film Actress Meera JeeAs we updated you earlier that there were some rumors regarding Meera working for Yash Chopra’s next flick. Now we are getting confirmation for this news from Meera herself. Just a day before, Pakistani Filmstar tweeted on her official account that she is leaving for India and actually looking for a room on ‘rant’ ( please pardon her angrezi as she did mean ‘rent’ ).

Further more, she tweeted, ‘ i have meeting with yash chopra and imtize ali

Now we don’t have an idea who ‘Imtize Ali’ is! but Yash Chopra’s mention from Meera’s side has definitely confirmed the news reported by a TV Channel earlier.

For readers who have no idea about this Meera-YashChopra collaboration , the famous Indian film maker has reportedly signed Meera for his upcoming film named ‘Sapnay tumharay meray’. Meera signed the movie for INR 1 Crore (almost 1.5 Crore PKR) and the money will be soon transferred to her account in PAKISTAN, as reported by the TV news channel.


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