Music Video Review: Strings – Mein to Dekhoon Ga


Strings Mein To Dekhunga Music Video Review

The Pop/Rock Band Strings have recently released their new track “Mai Tou Dekhunga” few days back and the track has gathered applauses among the masses as soon as it was being aired on tv and radio channels. At a time when Pakistan is going through the worst of its times the song tries to provide a ray of hope to the people of Pakistan which they have been seeking for.

The lyrics from the song tend to provide hope to the people of Pakistan by letting them know that a day will come when we would be able to see the best out of Pakistan.

“Jab Roti Sasti Hogi Aur Mehengi Hogi Jaan

Wo Din Phir Aayega Jub Aisa Hoga Pakistan….”

Strings have proved themselves as socially conscientious artists with their songs like “Beirut” for the war in Lebanon and “Ab Khud Kuch Kerna Parhega” in 2010 along Atif Aslam.

Their new hit “Mai Tou Dekhunga” did bring tears to many eyes as it truly depicts the picture of the current scenario and also gives hope to the nation that Pakistan will see its good days soon!

The song focuses over the current miseries that Pakistan is facing today including corrupt leadership, inflation and feudalism…it also emphasizes over unity with a hope that the ones who have forgotten their country “Pakistan” for greed may well return back and serve Pakistan in the best possible way!

Now speaking of the video which is being directed by the ever famous Jami! To be honest it couldn’t have been any better. We get to see Strings addressing the youth from the rural areas in the video by singing their recent hit and there are smiles all around=)

All I would say is well done STRINGS!=)

When it comes to Pakistan

There is always a hope !!!!

Pakistan Zindabad!!

This Music Video Review is written by Muhammad Raza Ayub, who is currently a student at reputable university in Karachi and proceeding with his Bachelors at Business Administration. He has been writing articles for quite a while now mainly because he finds writing as a more comfortable tool to express his opinions to the people! His articles cover different issues related to Pakistan mainly. As being someone who loves Pakistan he believes that all of us should contribute to the well being of this nation in every possible way.

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