Iffi-K – ALLAH Reham Karde (Watch Video)


Allah Reham Karde- Video Shot Pix

Irfan Khan, known as Iffi-K is a Leicester (Midlands) based singer originating from Gujranwala in Pakistan. Compelled by the ever deteriorating conditions in Pakis…tan, Iffi-K became one of the first overseas artists to return to Pakistan inspite of its troubled climate, in an effort to unearth the root cause of the constant contentions in his homeland. Music was the ideal platform for Iffi-K to feature the doubts and dilemmas faced by the people of Pakistan. The lyrics highlight the discourse between the Pakistani Nationals and Brothers in Islam in constant conflict with each other, inspite of sharing one love for the same Faith and Belief. The heartfelt words accenuate the intensity and sheer thoughtlessness of Mosques being targets of hate and violence, moreso at times of prayer. The song finally goes on to unveil the lives of those politicians who themselves live as kings, whilst the less fortunate battle with the neverending trials and tribulations of their lives, shrouded in the perils of poverty. This video for the single has been shot in Quide-Azim, Abdullah Shah Gazi, DattaSaab Mazzar and many more places in Pakistan where the words of this single can be visualised.

Singer: Irfan Khan (iFFi-K)
Song: Allah Reham Karde
Music: JKD
Director: Soheb Akhter
Special thanks: Kulvinder Sethi (Vic)
Label: A.K Records

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Some still pictures from Video..

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