XCLUSIVE: Slackistan movie synopsis with first Extended Film Trailer


So here we have an Exclusive, First and extended movie trailer of upcoming Pakistani Film Slackistan with detailed movie synopsis. The movie is all about, “A group of privileged and westernized twenty-something friends while away their days and nights driving around town, partying, surfing the internet and smoking shisha pipes. As the country outside their world starts to crack, Hasan and his friends must face up to relationships, internal angst and life choices before it is too late.”

Check out the detailed Movie Synopsis first :

Hassan Khan wearing Democrazy Tee-Shirt in Slackistan

Islamabad, Pakistan. A year has passed since democracy returned to the country and Hasan and his friends graduated from college. For both the civilian rule and this group of friends, things haven’t quite turned out as everybody had hoped.

Hasan has always dreamt of becoming a filmmaker and has recently bought a video camera. However, unable to find a pirated copy of ‘Mean Streets’ and deprived of even a single cinema in his town, he lets the camera sit in its box and roams around with his two best friends.

Everyday, the cocky but charming Sherry pulls up in his dad’s large Mercedes, with the ever perky Saad in the backseat, picking up Hasan and going through their routine of shisha cafes, house parties, high school stake-outs and lots of driving around town. Sherry is secretly borrowing cash from local rich loser Mani, who is trying to buy his way into Sherry’s social circle and contacts.

Hasan harbours feelings for his neighbour Aisha, a beautiful, sensitive girl who has been a long-time ally of Hasan’s, believing in his ability to make films. She has her own secret. She plans to leave the country and move to Boston to follow an American-Pakistani guy she has been involved with long distance. Hasan does not know this.

Zara, meanwhile, completes this group of friends, as the girl who constantly tries to fit in with the ‘Isloo’ crowd. Always lipsticked, made-up and desperately trying to please the spoilt and superficial Zeeshan, she doesn’t understand why her little brother won’t speak to her anymore.

When Aisha tells Hasan about her plans to leave the country for a career-driven guy, he is privately devastated, but supportive of his friend. She leaves him and his world in a state of aimless failure. Hasan needs to do something with his life. He needs to take his camera out its box and point it at the people outside of his little world.

However, with Mani and his boys chasing down Sherry’s cash debt, Hasan might find moving on and getting out of ‘Slackistan’ harder than he imagined.

Here are some more Screen shots from the movie Slackistan:


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