Coke Studio Season4 to feature Baloch Folk Singer Akhtar Channal Zehri


Its time for a ‘Fusion’ with Baloch Art, Culture and  Civilization !

If you are following our Coke Studio coverage, you probably now know almost the whole artist line up that is going to be featured in the forthcoming Coke Studio Season4. Here are the most recent news post we did:

Bilal Khan in Coke Studio

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Kaavish in Coke Studio

Leak Pictures of Jal Band and Quratulain Balocuh from Coke Studio

Mekaal Hassan band in Coke Studio

Sajjad Ali, Faraz Anwar, Jal Band and Ataullah Essa Khelvi in Coke Studio S4

Akhtar Channal Zehri Baloch Folk SingerThe latest from inside Coke Studio is, this season will feature another renowned folk singer and this time from Balochistan – Akhar Channal Zahri. Akhtar Channal , famous for his ‘Dana pa Dana’ ( a folk song made popular nationwide by Shazia Khusk ), is yet another folk icon worldwide for representing and performing the ancient styles of Music. His famous track ‘Dana de pana’ describes the greatness of the land, mountains and people of Balochistan.

As the last Coke Studio Seasons (S2 , S3) featured and focused mainly on ‘Saeen zahoor’. We are told that Akhtar Channal will be given a ‘Saeen like exposure’ in the forthcoming Coke Studio season. If that’s all true then It’s pretty good move by CS team, as it will help reducing the grievances of our baloch brothers and provide us another opportunity to understand the rich art and culture of each other. This way Coke Studio can earn even more respect and Indeed, this collaboration will connect the various great musicians with each other.

Here are some pictures and a LIVE Performance of Akhtar Channal:


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