Saeen Zahoor’s Songs now as Official Soundtrack for West is West, Sufi also gets a role in The Movie


Saeen Zahoor sufi song Alif Allah featured in West is WestSaeen is not a Sufi anymore! lets try to call him a playback singer or a movie actor.

The Sufi inspired tracks by legendary folk Singer Saeen Zahoor, has now been featured as an Official Soundtrack in an international movie – West is West -, which is a sequel to a critically acclaimed movie ‘East is East’. Saeen Zahoor, the renowned Sufi artist and the Winner of BBC world music Award, is also given a role/appearance in the movie.

West is West, is the sequel of the 1999 British comedy East is East. The movie cuts across western and desi cultures and also broke political barriers with its music. The music was composed jointly by Indian and Pakistani musicians Shankar-Eshaan-Loy and Sufi artist Saeen Zahoor.

Set to be a hit this season, Aik Alif, is a heart-warming and uplifting tune, both vocally and melodically. Zahoor‘s breathtaking Sufi inspired tunes take listeners on a spiritual journey to rural Punjab, Pakistan, whilst his humble background can be heard in the haunting sounds of his folk music.

West is West’s music is expected to be a grand success as it involves a unique blend of renowned Indian and Pakistani musicians. Released by Saga Music, trio Shankar-Eshaan-Loy have composed the songs ‘Kaala Doria’, ‘Mere Sayaan’ and ‘Numaishaan Mohobbataan’, while Pakistani Sufi artist Saeen Zahoor has composed two songs and made a special appearance in the movie. As the movie centers around a desi-west theme, the producers have also roped in classic English musicians Nana Mouskouri, Donovan, Mungo Jerry and Rob Lane to side with the 70s.

Talking about the movie’s soundtrack:

the Musicians Shankar-Eshaan-Loy said that the real task was giving the music of ‘West is West’ a 70s feel. The trio also expressed that they were thrilled about blending Bollywood with Sufi Music, which appeals to the movie that involves Pakistani, Indian and English cultures.

West is West Movie Poster

Movie’s story line and releasing strategy:

‘West is West, set five years after East is East, takes the Khan family on a journey from Salford, England to rural Pakistan. This time, George Khan desperately tries to make a desi out of his teenaged west-bred son Sajid. West is West will hit Indian screens this April.’

“In East is East George was caught up in two cultures – Pakistani and British. Now in West is West he is caught up between two relationships,” says Om Puri, the veteran actor who played George. “I really enjoyed playing these emotions.

Suneil Wadha of 52 Week Entertainment Inc said, As a strategy, in India, the film is set for an April release along with the North America & Canada. The timing of the India release is in keeping with the World Cup and Exams time. As these kind of films grow with word of mouth for which you would require time. A deferred release helps the movie to rid on the international box office success and reviews.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack feat. Saeen Zahoor can be downloaded online here

The movie is a must watch for Pakistani Audience too. You can check out now the amazing movie trailers of “West is West” below:


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