‘Pakistani Music exposure’ on a GORI WIFE


Pakistani Music SongsYeah I know this post is a bit Off-beat but it is somewhat related to our topic so I thought to give it a try.

I was surfing the internet randomly when I found this blog post by a ‘GORI WIFE’ who married a Pakistani Guy sometime back and now trying to learn the culture and roots of her husband (she very nicely calls him ‘Mian’ ). Check out her experience with Pakistani Music in her own words:

My first exposure to Pakistani/Indian music did not come from my Mian. I had known him for a few months by then – long enough to know he was really from Pakistan and not from Brunei – and my roommate was in college for musin composition. We both worked together at a Bookstore and Roommate was in the last year of a piano composition degree and forced me to attend recitatls. At the bookstore, you could special order in all sorts of wierd stuff and after we learned that Mr. Mian (not yet Mian at that time since the word mian means husband, but you get the point) was from Pakistan, Roommate ordered a CD, after looking into Pakistani music history a bit. “Pakistan’s biggest music star” Roomate told me, was Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. We played the CD at blarringly loud volumes in our apartment and looked strangely at each other until Roommate asked me “Do you like it?”


The whole discussion on her blog post is worth reading and will help us all understand the scope and strengths of Pakistani Music. From NFAK to Vital Signs and from Adnan Sami to Atif Aslam, the ‘GORAS’ are all aware by the genre called ‘Pakistani Music’ and with the stars who have worked hard for this Niche(feels happy to know the fact). 🙂

There is so much to learn and catch on about Pakistani Music,Culture & Life Style on The Gori Wife Life. (highly recommended blog)

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