Music Video Review:World Cup Madness – Aisi ki Taisi By Siege


‘ Sher dartey nahein, sher lartay hain! ’

World Cup Madness – Aisi ki Taisi By Siege Band

Video Review By : Amber Shahid

This one line delivers the punch and the concept of what we want our cricket team to do. The Cricket World Cup mania is in full swing. And Siege the band have delivered a perfect Yorker with ‘Aisi ki Tesi’.


Formed in 2003, they have provided us with some good songs. Their debut single Armaan, won recognition and was followed with  Faaslay, Police and now Aisi ki Tesi. The band, based in Lahore has four membes, Junaid Younus (lead vocals), Ahsan Parvaiz (lead guitars and backing vocals), Fahad Parvaiz (rhythm guitars) and Farhan  Mirza,(Percussions).

The inspiration for the theme for the video of Aisi ki Taisi seems to be the much loved local cricket scene which is witnessed in every gali, mohalla and street of Pakistan. The video, just like the cultural center of Lahore is vibrant and colorful. The music is simply to dance on. The lyrics are motivational, Uplifting and are a true reflection of the spirit of the Pakistani Cricket fans. They also exude pride whilst the video complements all these moods beautifully. The group with all their bhangra, jumping, bouncing and the fist pounding are undoubtedly at their best.

Junaid Younus Siege facial expression in aisi ke taisi music video

Junaid’s facial expressions make this video truly ‘unique’ and a must watch.  The band shares good camaraderie and it shows with how well they perform together. The horse dance towards the end is beautiful and makes one proud of our heritage.

Horse Dance on DHOL THAAP in SIEGE's Aisi ke Taisi
Horse Dance on Dhol's Thaap represents the truly virbrant Lahori Culture.

The Director, Saqib Siddique (ZDS Productions) has done a fabulous job. He has brought out not just the ‘Jazba’ we associate with cricket but also that certain kind of attitude which we harbor. The mid-air fist pounding, putting in clips of memorable moments like that ‘Afridi’s kiss’ and great attention to detail make it a treat for the viewers to watch. Whether its the backgrounds, the colours, the white lights, the styling, the wardrobe and the extras, even the pile of bricks, the horse, all merge flawlessly well together. This is by far Siege’s best video to date.

Whatever the out come of the World Cup (hoping it has our name written on it), this song along with the video is sure to be remembered. This World Cup, Aisi ki Taisi is the song to listen to and to celebrate on.

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