Hadiqa Kiani: Motherhood Brings a New Perspective to her Life as the New Age Diva


Hadiqa Kiani: Motherhood Brings a New Perspective to her Life as the New Age Diva

Born under the sign of Leo, Hadiqa Kiani is a lioness with boundless amounts of energy. Her personality is reserved, controlled and yet ambitious and fiery. Nominated for the best Female Act and Best International Act at the Brit Asia Music Awards 2010, Hadiqa Kiani is a diva. One of the most successful musicians of Pakistan, she has also been awarded the Tamgha e Imtiaz in 2006.

Needless to say, beneath the quiet, confident Hadiqa, lies a mature, well educated and a focused woman. And once you meet her with her four year old son Naaday Ali, all goes in hindsight and you can only see a woman with love and lots of love to give to her child.

Hadiqa defines Mother as “absolutely divine”. With this new joy she has a reason to be happy, despite the hectic routine that keeps her occupied.

“I have become selfless; even if anything goes wrong in life it does not affect me much because Im too focused on being positive for my baby boy.

Motherhood is all about setting priorities

My work is not like a 9 to 5 job, but I have managed things pretty well. It’s not been difficult at all. I wonder why people think it is difficult. I believe it’s all about time management. But yes I didn’t take any long tours early on when Nady was too young as I wanted him to be old enough o travel with me and to take effect of the hectic routine. Now he is a big boy and travels with me mostly everywhere I go and I simply love it. I am more relaxed when he is around me.

Naday is my top priority

Hadiqa does feel that at times it tends to get difficult to manage the late hours but she tries her best not to let that come in between her and Nady and she seems to be coping quite well.

“Giving time to Nady is my first priority and that’s my reality even if I’m tired from my shows or recordings. One hug from him and I get refreshed and re energized!”

Low downs are a course of nature

Hadiqa feels that ever since she has become a mother, she has developed this innate ability to not let the inevitable low downs take their toll on her, only to protect her little joy from being affected by it.

With motherly loves comes a bigger responsibility-good value. Hadiqa feels that the biggest challenge of motherhood is to giver her son the best set of principles and values that will make him a good human being. She wishes that this will lead hi m t=o all the success in life.

Schooling and home training go hand in hand

Hadiqa feels that schooling is the building block of a child’s life, but home training plays an equal role in building a solid foundation. “I believe that values are taught at home and only parents can help strengthen their child’s dictionary of values; values of how to spend their money, how to behave socially with family and strangers, saying Salam to the elders and being courteous when meeting guests. The concept of charity should also start early which makes the child’s personality in the first few years of his life. “

My family is my backbone

My family loves me and my son is the center of my life, so he is also very important and dear to them. My brother and my mother are my biggest support on my motherhood journey. Even though my mother is on bed, fighting paralysis but if I go away from the city she wants me to leave my son with her. He sleeps with her and plays in her presence most of the day, while he is assisted by a young baby sitter who plays with him and keeps him occupied too.

Source : expertparenthood.com

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