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Jumbo Jutt Karachi Based Band
Jumbo Jutt at LJP Studios Image Courtesy: Uthrecords.com.pk

Jumbo Jutt official logoA rock band put together in Karachi in 2009, with a little more to say than the relationship that didn’t work or the beauty of a girl. Jumbo Jutt is a band with a message. Among other things, our songs are laced with issues and messages that everybody wishes to ignore rather than to address. It reflects the darkness back to the source hoping to get a glimmer of hope and change in return. At the same time, it’s laid back, fun, downright comedic at times but holds true to the essence of life in each moment.

It is the tired residue of oppressed suffering due to the constant confusion, corruption and fear that the nation has had to face relentlessly. But all while, also a reflection of hope that perhaps someday things might get better. Jumbo Jutt is an amalgamation of all of the above. But most importantly of all, it’s a kickass rock band!!

Band Members:

  1. Mohammad Ali Suhail on Vocals and Lead Guitar,
  2. Syed Saad Shams on Bass Guitar,
  3. Adeel Hussain on the Drums; and
  4. Omar Kapadia on Rhythm Guitar.

The Band has also won a battle of the band sponsored by Lipton, Pakistan

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