Media: Fourth Pillar/Fifth Column (A short Film by MaanSal Studios)


Pakistanis are one of the talented nations, from achieving 21 A grades in A Level and 23 As in O level to making a world record of 19 girls in one smart car, Pakistani Youth never disappointed us ever as a nation.

Our Film Industry – Lollywood – lacks some qualitative work and production, but there are also some young film-makers who along with some passion and their ordinary skills and equipments sometimes come out with some great things. At PakiUM dot com, Our effort has always been to promote the young talented upcoming musicians, just to extend our coverage and to promote various other talents, we will be introducing you with some young talented film-makers who are doing some extra ordinary work with their ordinary tools and doing their job for the betterment of our society.

Media Fourth Pillar Of State being used wrongThe Short film we are going to introduce you today with is by MaanSal Studios and is called ‘Media: Fourth Pillar/Fifth Column’. It is based on the Power of Media that has come under many non-deserving individuals. The film comments on the power of Digital Media – YouTube – where anyone can upload anything and can mold any fact according to his/her personal interest. This short film is made selflessly to understand the propaganda that our own people do without even knowing what can be consequences of it. We highly recommend you to watch and share this stuff with your friends for Awareness.

Check out the Short Film by Sabih Bin Wasi and Salman Parekh:

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