Nirma Caught in Sex Scandal


Pakistan may have a declining film industry but that certainly does not mean that it does not have too-hot-to-handle actresses. They do not get to be the “chosen one” in the glamorous world of Bollywood for nothing you know but it should be kept in mind that there is a difference between sex appeal and vulgarity as the Paris Hilton of Pakistan Mathira states, “People should just work on what they are good at. There is a thin line between being vulgar & being sexy.” Recently, actress Nirma has been caught in a sex scandal.

It is an open secret that many of the bold actresses in Pakistan managed to grab attention from the millions by creating controversies. Meera, Mathira and of course the devil’s favourite Pakistani Veena Malik are few of the top names in the list but it looks like Nirma has surpassed them all.

The renown Film and TV actress has been arrested as she was caught indulging in an orgy while being in a guest’s house. Nirma was not alone as there were several other girls in the house of fun, so to speak. The actress was completely drunk and sent to jail later.

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