The Sketches Rock Beaconhouse Jubilee Campus (Concert Pictures)


The Sketches Live Concert Karachi

The Band Sketches which has been making Music since 2003 came up with its debut album Dastkari last year , that was released by Fire Records. Since then, The Sketches has been constantly growing , improving its work and making strong its fan base. The band has quite good fan following at their Official Facebook Page which is highly active and updated page with the Band’s latest releases, Concerts dates and live performance pictures and videos. Above all, the band itself answer the queries to each and every comment posted on their page, which is a practise not ALL MUSICIANS apply with their fans which also make their fan pages less active than the others.

These days The Jamshoro based Band The Sketches is mostly seen in all the major Concerts and Gigs that are happening in the Metropolitan City, Karachi. Just a day before , the band performed at Beacon house Jubilee Campus and received an overwhelming response from the Students there. Mustafa Pervez – another young underground musician – also performed at the event after the Band.

Check out some Exclusive Pictures from the Concert:

(Photos Courtesy: Arsalan Ali)

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