PakiUM Exclusive Release: Yehi Pyaar Hai by Waseem Kauser Baig


Download : Yehi Pyaar Hai

Song:: Yehi pyaar hai
Album: Roop Chitta
Atist::  Waseem Kauser Baig  (wasbaig)

About Waseem Kauser Baig :
WasbaiG a Pakistani made, born and raised in UAE.

Wasbaig is a singer, composer, musician, producer,actor,lyricist and exhilarating live performer. Wasbaig has been composing songs since the age of 14. He always wanted to be a solo artist because he believes in one man show.

When he started it was hard for him to find his way but his persistence attitude allowed him to record his own creation in his own way and finally he is out here to show his talent.

He cannot play any instrument, which he always wanted to but because of some restriction he couldn’t.According to his father music is just a waste….Silently he remain on his path considering that he have to sacrifice learning an instrument but he developed in himself a virtual studio where in he can actually compose, create, produce music by playing all the instrument in his own mind.

Whole idea of his composition is based on a thought and that is why he is most proud of his talents as a song-writer and composer.

Wasbaig is well equipped for developing/creating Rock, pop, hip hop,fusion & melodious tunes.

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