Concert Review: Atif Aslam Rocks @ LUMS


Written By Amna Aslam

The one reason that got me accepting the task of covering the LUMUN concert was that Atif Aslam was going to perform. Yes, that man’s voice is magical and his songs are oh-so-awesome!! =D Over 1200 people witnessed this in the hockey ground last night when Atif Aslam rocked LUMS to its foundations, literally!

After an opening by one of LUMS own band, followed by Bilal Khan’s popular “Bachana” (among a few other songs) Atif Aslam, dressed in a white dress shirt, black pants, jacket and hat, entered the stage, all set to drive the crowd into a frenzy of rock-and-roll! He sang song after song, not letting the energy of the audience go slack for even a moment. Participants sang along to light, melodious songs and banged their heads to hard-rock ones.

After sitting the concert through for around 90 minutes, the audience was told to stand by a charismatic Atif who had declared: Is this a rock concert? C’mon, stand up everyone!!! (SOME guests CAN break our rigid rules =P) What more could the audience have asked for? Things went wild, noisier and crazier as the audience jumped and sang along with Atif. The agitated security team tried it’s best to make the audience sit down one more time. Once this feat had been achieved by the efforts of the volunteers, Atif made them get up AGAIN! And for good!

Atif sang a gazillion songs, some of which were “Doorie”, “Jalpari”, “Tu mera Dil”, “Tera Honey Laga Hun”, “Tu Janey Na”, “Gulaabi Ankhein” and not to mention the rendition of “Sheila” and the song from his upcoming movie Bol called “Hona Tha Pyar”. All of them were undoubtedly crowd pleasers. The night ended with “Aadat”, the one song after which Atif Aslam never looked back; “Aadat, that we Atif fans can get never tired of;Aadat, without which no Atif concert is complete. Hands down, this song was the high point of the evening, the climax, and sooooo much fun! =D

The concert ended at 11:30, much to the disappointment of the raving audience (and mine too, for that matter), and Atif was whisked away by the security personnel. For the delegates however, the night hadn’t ended yet, for they had roaming to do, pictures to take, research to catch up on etc etc. What a day it was! An Atif concert to unwind after the grueling committee sessions. Special thank you to the concert sponsors, Warid Glow and HM Productions, as well as to the LUMUN’11 Social Events team for organizing such an amazing event.


Pictures : Atif Aslam Live in LUMS Lahore (Warid Corporate Event)

Concert Videos : Atif Aslam Live in LUMS Lahore (Warid Corporate Event)

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