Adnan Sami Khan in trouble with Indian authorities


    Adnan Sami having trouble with indian authoritiesAdnan Sami Khan has gained widespread fame from his move to India where he has had more access to bigger projects. Even though he travels the globe performing he has found a home in India and who can blame him for that when Pakistan is still not capable of marketing or selling big name acts. Sami Khan may have embraced India but India has taken a few steps back. The singer/composer has had a life filled with controversy from the custody battle with actress Zeba Bakhtiar over their son Azaan.

    Now controversy takes another punch at Sami Khan with Enforcement Directorate (ED) confiscating his properties worth IRS 2.5 crores. Foreign Exchange Management (acquisition and transfer of immovable property in India) Regulations, 2000, says that ‘a citizen of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Nepal or Bhutan, cannot acquire or transfer any kind of immovable property in India. Such a person can, at the most, acquire property under lease. And that too for not more than five years’. ED sources claim Sami Khan bought eight flats and five parking lots in Oberoi Sky Gardens, Lokhandwala in 2003. The Reserve Bank of India must give permission to those seeking purchase of property in India and Sami Khan did approach them but after the purchase and was denied permission.

    The facts seem to be in place but the only issue is Adnan Sami Khan was never a Pakistani citizen; he was born in London but has Canadian citizenship. He has tried to acquire Indian citizenship but to no avail. Could he be sent packing back to Dubai or Canada (we don’t really expect him to come to Pakistan)? Or will he pay a fine after the properties are seized? We’ll have to wait and see what Sami Khan’s defense will be.

    Source : Instep Today

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