Ali Zafar doesn’t know Katrina Kaif!


Ali Zafar doesnt recognize Katrina KaifNow just yesterday we talked about how badly Bollywood has been reacting to Katrina’s decision tobreak up with Salman Khan. So badly, that a lot of them just might look right through her if she approached them to say hi. Well, add another one to the list. Ali Zafar, Pakistan’s Prince of Pop, artist and actor must be a Salman fan because he just ran into Kats at a party but refused to recognize her! Or so claims the website

According to the news snippet Katrina, who had seen Ali in Tere Bin Laden and is a fan of his work in the film went up to him to talk at a party. Ali and Katrina are also supposed to share screen space in a Yash Raj film, so Katrina felt she should at least introduce herself to him. But when she walked up to Ali, he just couldn’t recognize her.

“Ali clearly didn’t recognize Katrina,” says an eyewitness to the awkward scene. “Though he was polite, he had a quizzical who-are-you look on his face. It was an embarrassing moment for Katrina. But she handled it with aplomb. She introduced herself as her co-star in the Yash Raj film that they were doing, welcomed him to Mumbai and walked off.”

Not to be taken aback Katrina later cracked: “”I met Ali at the Yash Raj office a day after the party. I went up to him and said I hope he recognizes me.”

Now they are shooting together non stop now, so recognising Kats shouldn’t be a problem for Pakistan prince of pop and he is too polite not to. If this is true, we wonder how much more different do Bollywood stars look with the pancake off…

Source : Instep News

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