Atif Aslam’s press conference with Todd Shea


Hashoo foundation whose logo was “Together We Make A Difference” and Umeed-e-Noor whose logo was “Centre For Special Children” conducted this press conference 27-07-2010 at 5:00pm in pearl continental hotel.

Todd Shea (Us Citizen) is a social worker who’s contribution in civil society are a lot. He took part in Azad Kashmir when huge earthquake came there. Various people of Pakistan from civil society as well as the Government of Pakistan salutes his efforts. Pakistan government also gave him the meddle on his efforts. He always have been struggle to tell the rest of the world that people of Pakistan actually are not the terrorists as they have the false image about Pakistan and their nationals.

Today, Todd Shea made one more effort to change the image of Pakistan in west. In his press conference with famous singer of Pakistan Atif Aslam in PC Hotel Lahore.

Todd Shea says this time to change the image of Pakistan he is using musician in this field from both countries Pakistan and united states. Atif Aslam and other famous singer from united states who have been the part of the band in America “Guns n Roses” are making combine music album which would the mixture of both Pak-American music. Album will be release soon to convey the Pak voice in all over the American. Todd Shea thinks in this way Americans will try to think different about Pakistan and will try to know more about Pakistan. Its totally civil society movement and no government money or effort involve in it.

About his project he’s also introducing website. Where donators can donate and purchase the upcoming album online.

Atif aslam calls to join this cause, its totally non-gevernment effort to change the image “We are not terrorists” of Pakistan.

Todd Shea and Atif Aslam request to other top singers as well as civil society members to join this cause. They hope soon they will have lot of response from singers and the civil society members.

Technical details about this project are:

  • Racing mis-conception
  • New ways to helping each other
  • Project is civil society moment
  • Want to show American people through his eyes how much beautiful Pakistan is and it’s a misconception about Pakistan terrorists.

In the end of the press conference Todd She sung the song “Dil Dil Pakistan” beautifully.

Here are some of the pictures from the Press Conference:

Article & Picture Courtesy: AllPakistaniNews.Com

You can also watch here: Recording Session Pictures of Atif Aslam & Guns n Roses Members

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