Aunty Disco Project – the most talked about band these days


Aunty Disco Project – the most talked about band these days

By Salman Siddiqui

aunty disco project in PACC karachi

Citizens of Karachi are all well aware of the gloomy night life the “City of Lights” have. My city has got it all covered when it comes to Musical concerts. “Karachi Ke Log” are so much fond of these sort of events. But by time, we soon got bored with listening to same Songs and melodies again and again. But hope is here folks. I mean lend your ears to the Aunty Disco Project(ADP).

ADP has suddenly become the “most talked band” since they got themselves cast into the Coke Studio this session. The band played two nights at PACC back to back and suddenly they hit the Coke Studio.

“MUKKA PAANCH UNGLION SAY BANTA HAI” , as a newspaper exclaimed referring to the 5 members of ADP. ADP consists of Ali Alam( guitars/vocals ), Rahail SiDiKey( bass ) , Omar Bilal Akhtar a.k.a OBA( vocals/guitar ) ,Giles Goveas( drums ), Yasir Qureshi( darbuka/percussion ). The powerful performance comes from their tightness as a group and unity as a band which numerous bands lack in.

Back at the concert at PACC, ADP owned the stage by their sleek performance. The show started half an hour late which is a typical Karachi tradition. ADP started off with a devastating performance of “Dikhta naheen hai”. The crowd roared for more. ADP also covered songs apart from their original ones. Their covers also included “Walk this way” , “Like a player” and Strings’ “Mera bichra yar”. ADP also introduced their brilliant song ” Sultanat” which was finally revealed at Coke Studio. Further they played a slow number “Nazar” which despite of being slow was very much appreciated by the audience.

The fans could be heard yelling ” we love you OBA, we love you OBA”. Other than their inspiring 90’s rock like music , the way they interacted with the audience was very different which elevated the energy level in the auditorium. The best part was that they did not play as if they were ROBOTS and carried out the covers like “Walk this way” , “Like a player” and Strings’ “Mera bichra yar” in their own silky way and not like they are photo copied or something. Photo copying of songs is by the way commonly termed as ” Chapna”.

They are young, they are cool and they mean music. All those readers who have not heard them yet must hear them. It was like pretty cool , the way the band joined two scales, one being a major one and the second one being a minor, in their song “Sultanat” at Coke Studio. Well the million dollar question is ” WILL THEY LIVE UPTO THEIR EXPECTATION?” They sure did rocked more than expected and anticipated. They are good , in fact really good. That is the reason that they are now few of those privileged musicians who have performed at Coke Studio.

I need entertainment, we need entertainment , Karachi needs Entertainment and with these guys on chart there is evergreen hope… By the way , I wonder who the ” AUNTY ” is they want to disco with?..or it could be for the entire AUNTY LOG out there, or…… Never mind. Dont pay attention towards the Aunty.

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