Annie and Atif: The prince and princess of pop get together for Bol


Annie and Atif: The prince and princess of pop get together for Bol

Truth be told, the one person we miss the most out of everyone who has gone AWOL in the Pakistani entertainment industry is Annie; “Annie Princess” as loads of people call her. She has to be one of the most charming women around at Annie with Atif Aslamthe moment, as even with a voice that probably only her best friend loves, you can’t really hate Annie. She is so sure of herself at all times, whether her music is, umm, not brilliant, or whether it is unabashedly talking about performing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ as the first song she ever sung in public, as we wonder how Celine would feel about her kitsch hit being butchered at an Abrar concert – Annie just doesn’t care and sort of surges ahead like the force of nature she is.Atif with Annie

So apart from some mighty strange rumours that have been doing the rounds about Annie of late, the one that we have plucked midair and chosen to dwell on is her collaborating with Atif on a song (or songs if we are really lucky) called ‘Rootho Na’ on Shoaib Mansoor’s film Bol. Now that is a prospect that truly makes us happy, as Atif and Annie are two people who could get away with musical murder. And to be absolutely fair, the song ‘Tenu Takya’ she had featured on a couple of years ago had been quite catchy and she sounded in tune on it. Putting Atif and Annie together is such a stroke of genius that we have permanently crossed our fingers for this to be actually true.

Source : Instep News

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