‘Tere Liye’ song will be Revised! , announces TIPS


    After so many arguments by our team members & supporters & also by some Indian Muslims on Official Facebook Page of Prince. Tips group have finally decided to take back the first lot of CD’s .

    WE congratulate & thank Arsalan Ali, Sean Ali, Pari Khan , Syed Atif Ali and many others who raised the voices. You guys have simply showed that we had slept but not ANY MORE!!!

    Also, we are shocked to see the face of some “Liberals” who are not even bothered listening to verses with Music. May Allah give us all the right direction & Bless us all.

    Below is the official statement by TIPS:

    Dear Friends,

    I represent Tips (Marketing ). We have been observing the comments by a few members concerning the use of certain verses of the Quran in the unplugged version of ‘TERE LIYE’ sung by the composer himself Sachin Gupta.

    We would like to clarify the matter with all of you. First of all, the concerned song is only a bonus track on the album. It is not picturised in the film. Sachin was keen on singing on the album. Being a relatively new singer, he wanted to seek the blessings of ALMIGHTY. He even consulted a Sufi saint who told him it it was perfectly fine to use the verse. That does not take away the fact that we have unintentionally hurt the sentiments of a few of our fans.

    We are recalling the first lot of CDs that have been dispatched to the trade. We are remastering the song in question and will remove the verse. Although we believe that we (TIPS) have done nothing wrong in putting this beautiful song out, we do not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments.
    We hope this eases all the hard feelings.

    God Bless!!
    Arun Nair

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