Atif Aslam speaks out about “Khudai” Controversy


Atif Aslam khudayeeSo finally here comes the official statement by Atif Aslam about the controversy being spread like fire over cyberworld.

Here are the exact words of Atif Aslam:

ASALAM-O-ALAIKUM to all ma dear fans

Heard abt ppl talking abt mA new
song frm prince .. first ov all i would like u guys to
knw tht whenever a song is recorded for the playback
film in the studio , the singer only gets to sing on the
rough track (i.e the music is just used as a reference
which is certainly not the final track when it is being
recorded in the studio ). In addition to tht, only the
music director has the right to put in the music(i.e the
way film director and producer wants to) . so ppl if
there is any such version which is against ma religion is
offcourse and vill never be supported. Simple

lyrics ki ager baat kerein to mein ne
yeh socha k meray fans aab tak urdu ko itna samjh chukay
hon gay k farak ker sakein gay ek ganay ki shaeri mein
aur aaam urdu mein …. i mean the lyrics of tere liye
are not literal infact jis wajah say log ler rahay hain
( yani chor di KHUDAYE ) it means chor di DUNIYA mein
ne teray liye ( u want me to be more literal then it
means chor di zindage ki her asaeeesh,, aish aur aram ,,,
zindage ki lazatein mein ne teray liye ,,,, if any one
wants more explanation am here LOL.

As an owner ov this forum i feel
responsible to post this msg to all ov u and certainly
ths msg is only for ma true lovers. The ppl who are
trying to detrack ma fans deliberately on facebook plz
try something better this small thing doesnt even need

Apart frm ma msg i hope everyone is
fine n no one is in trouble these days .. even if u are
am gonna pray for all ov u, so have faith in ALLAH
n do the best 🙂 ROCK ON

Source : Aadeez

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