Pakistani Albums expected to release in January 2010


Pakistani Albums expected to release in January 2010

you guys might be thinking that January is going to be a great month for the Pakistani Music lovers as there will be major albums releasing.But wait a minute !!! I have some reservations.

by Danish Mughal

Its been a long time since any Pakistani Music album- released by a record label- hit the music market of Pakistan. The last & worth mentioning album was of Shiraz Uppal’s “Ankahi” that released under the label of Fire Records. On the other side, 2 Mainstream Bands i.e Mekaal Hassan Band & Overload released their second album under their own label over internet. Overload went one step ahead & threw its complete album “Pichal Pairee” FREE on internet & denied to give their songs’ rights to any label.

In this current scenario, where musicians’ rights are being exploited & they are uncertain about their future, the future of upcoming album release also seems very unpredictable. With the ever-increasing use of Internet , the musicians are also relying on it & throwing their music for FREE on it to connect with their fans.(You should also read an article ‘Is the internet the future of Music In Pakistan?’ by Maheen Sabeeh for the depth of this topic) However,the strategic apex of the major record label is not the exception as well.

In a recent status update by Akber Yazdani- COO Fire Records- on facebook, he revealed that three albums will be released in the first month of 2010 by Fire Records. The albums expected to release are :

  • Kaavish’s Gunkali
  • Mauj’s Now in technicolor
  • Nida Arab’s Debut Album

Another BIG ALBUM expected to release in January 2010 is by Karavan band who signed its album with THE MUSIK records

Lets discuss something more about these musicians & albums:

1. Kaavish’s Gunkali

Kaavish is among one of the most disappointed bands who signed an album deal with Fire Records. The band who came into the scene back in 2006, with its powerful debut song & video “Bachpan”, followed by another two videos “Choti Khushiyan” & “Tere Pyar Mein” is still waiting for its album release. The band had completed its album last year and it was scheduled to release early this year but what happened? Read our old post & Kaavish’s message to its fan to feel the level of dissapointment they had.

The new date for Kaavish’s album release given by Fire Records is 8th January 2010.

2. Mauj’s Now In Technicolor:mauj_band

Mauj Band is another example, who is still waiting for his time. The band had completed its album “Now in Technicolor” earlier this year. They were looking at Fire Records for the “green signal” so that they can simultaneously release the album in Pakistan as well as globally(online on Amazon & ITUNES – because the band has some international fan base as well). But again the album wasn’t released by Fire in Pakistan & the band lost his confidence & threw its debut album online on Amazon.

Now, Fire Records disclosed to release Mauj’s Album in Pakistan on 22nd of january 2010

3. Nida Arab’s Debut Album :nida_arab

Nida Arab is another promising female singer after Zeb&Haniya. The Karachi based pop singer released its debut song “Bolo Na” which helped her to made some waves in the sea. Two more songs “Chahatein” & “Pyar Kia Hai” are also available to download on various media sharing websites.

Nida Arab’s debut album might release on 15th January2010

4. Karavan’s Saara Jahan

Karavan iskaravan going to release its new album after a very long time period. The band is not quite famous among masses but the true music listeners always give respect to the band. Last few months were very critical for Karavan because the band was indifferent in choosing a record label. After many confused statements, it was told to their fans that Karavan is finally going to release its new album “Saara Jahan” under the Musik records.

Now, the most awaited album of  Karavan is also going to hit the market in January (as informed by the band through its fan page).

Now you guys might be thinking that January is going to be a great month for the Pakistani Music lovers as there will be major albums releasing.But wait a minute !!! I have some reservations & I am damn sure that the album won’t come on time. However,I wish & pray that I would be prooved wrong.

But there are Reasons ?

  1. These are PAKISTANI ALBUMS and we have never seen any album releasing on time.
  2. The dates given for the album release are lying in the month of Muharram so there are chances that no new music album will release until the end of Muharram.
  3. COO Sahab of Fire Records has already showed his concerns on current political & security situation.

You might disagree to my reservations & predictions but these are based on facts & past experiences. I would also like to hear from you guys , so do share your thoughts & feelings.

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