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About Barzakh :

Barzakh the Band was formed in 2009. Barzakh is actually a place between Earth & the Sky where Souls waits or rests before going to Heaven or Hell. Nabeel suggested this name to the band members and all agreed because Barzakh is something different & we also choose this name because muzik is actually the energy for soul and the souls stays in Barzakh.

“”” Band Line-up”””””

Nabeel ur Rehman — Vocalx

Faris Hussain — Lead Guitarx

Anjum Hashir – Bass Guitarx

Ali Hyder — Rhythm Guitarx

All of us met a couple of months ago when Farris, Ali & Anjum were planning to form a band and were looking for a vocalist and a person who is already affiliated with muzik scene and then they met Nabeel and Barzakh came into being. After completing the band members and a couple of jams Barzakh decided to launch its maiden album so started working on it and Mashallah by the Grace of Almighty Barzakh is nearly going to complete the album and the 1st video of Barzakh the band will be on air in couple of months and audio will be on air nearly on all the radio stations within a month INSHALLAH.

The songs of the album and the sound of Barzakh the band is a bit different than current Pakistani muzik scene. Once the album will be launched hopefully Barzakh is going to change the muzik scene in Pakistan and will be titled as a revolutionary band.

All compositions and lyrics by Nabeel ur Rehman.

Contact information:

Faris Hussain
Manager – Barzakh

email /
Voice : +92 – 333 – 3075801

Website :

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