Interview : Meera Rahman – Female vocalist of the loudest band (Overload) of Pakistan


    Source : Ink Magazine

    Interview with Pakistani model / singer Meera Rehman [formerly Meera Shafi]


    1. Did you always want to be a model? Did the fact that your mother is an actress have something to do with your desire to be a part of the entertainment industry?
    Well if ‘always’ means from a very young age, even younger than when I started (which was 17 and I think quite young for this country), then yes. I wanted to model professionally from when I was about ten years old. There was this one channel that showed the international fashion weeks early Saturday mornings, and I used to wake up early on the weekend just to watch it. It isn’t just about modeling for me though, I think my passion for it springs from my love for fashion and all things creative, because I’m an artist at heart.


    2. How has your experience in modeling been over the years? Do you think you have evolved?
    Definitely. I hope that I keep on evolving in the future too. Modeling requires and pushes you to keep reinventing yourself and be versatile. You have to get into character for a lot of shoots, do a bit of role-playing, get in the mood of specific eras, when doing period shoots for example. My experience has been very rich and covers a lot of ground as far as exciting , fun, creative and very satisfying work goes.


    3. Since how long before you joined Overload, had you been singing / interested in singing?
    I’ve been singing since I was a little girl. I was always ready to perform on stage every opportunity I got, mostly with the school choir or for musicals. I was quite fond of singing and I knew it wasnt going to go only as far as bathroom singing.

    4. What made you want to join Overload specifically? How has that experience been?
    Their music, their philosophy in the studio, while making their music, their openness to any and all input that enriches the music. I get to make my own songs, with extremely talented and skilled musicians, also because it’s not a pop band, it most certainly isn’t run of the mill. The band is very unique and everyone has such high standards, that the end product is always something dynamic.

    5. How has marriage changed you? Do you want to continue your singing or modeling career from here on?
    Yes of course, I’ve been raised by a family full of artists and I have now been married into one. Work and one’s creativity is highly regarded and given much importance in my new house and if anything, the kind of families and lifestyles we belong to, not working or wasting ones talents and potential would be frowned upon.

    6. As a young successful woman — what advice do you have for other women like yourself who want to make it big?
    I’d tell them to not give up on what they really want to do or something that they are good at naturally just because of silly issues like time and boyfriends who are narrow-minded. Every dream, no matter how big or far-fetched it may seem, can be realised, you have to start somewhere. Put your foot down for what you feel strongly about, encourage yourself to question the authority in your life. Think for yourself and make your own mistakes.

    7. Would you say that so far you have followed your dreams? What is something that you still want to do, which you haven’t had the opportunity to do yet?
    I’ve worked with all the best and biggest names from the very beginning of my career, done all kinds of projects, travelled with colleagues and friends for work and it’s all been so much more than I expected. I do want to make a lot more music and have hundreds of more concerts around the world. That is already happening and so yes, so far, I am definitely following my dreams.

    8. On a lighter note, what high-tech gadgets are you using these days? [i-phone, i-pod etc] Are you a gadget freak?
    I am quite fond of gadgets, fancy and beautiful and preferably always black and shiny. I have an SLR Canon that I’m in love with, an iPod and an iPHONE. I have a SONY VIAO that I’m thinking of upgrading. I have a few other things on my wishlist.

    9. What is the ‘coolest’ thing you have ever or recently bought? Why is it so ‘cool’?
    I often treat myself to holidays and vacations, travelling has to be the coolest thing to spend money on. It always will be. You get something new out of every place you go, different cultures, natural landscapes, new languages, exciting food, the list is quite endless. But yes, travelling helps you grow, learn and collect new experiences and memories. Nothing tops that.

    10. What message do you have for Ink readers?
    Be an individual, do not be afraid to stand out.

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