Ali Zafar justifies his move to Mobilink in an interview


    Its not very old story when Ali_Zafar (Small)Ali Zafar left telenor & joined Mobilink as Brand Ambassador & masses didnt accept this change because a perception had been developed, so they started to go against him . Some press releases were also published against him . But he didnt reply & discuss this matter .

    In a recent interview, he talked about this move & tried to justify and answer even some sensitive questions.

    While giving reasons Ali said,

    • “The first and most obvious reason was the end of my contractual term with Telenor.
    • The new contract had some new terms that I was not comfortable with. After working with a team for three years, a shift in their management and their new outlook was seeming hard for me to adjust into…
    • I felt a bit monotonous — I believe in keep re-inventing and evolving through change. Mobilink seemed the most obvious choice.
    • I was planning to do stuff to strengthen our institutions especially the music and entertainment industry and they seemed to be genuinely looking into that themselves.
    • I was being offered a better package.I feel there is no harm for someone to strive for better in life. We all do it all the time. To a clerk at the office to the great rock band ‘U 2′ that shifted from Apple iPhone to blackberry after 6-7 years of affiliation with apple.”

    I leave this on you that how well he justified himself.

    There is good news for Ali Zafar’s music fans , he is recording songs with mobilink so hopefully we will be listening to more Ali Zafar’s  stuff on our  screens soon.

    If you want to read the complete interview of Ali Zafar regarding this issue visit this page at ProPakistani.Pk

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