Ali Zafar & Ayesha Fazli Nikaah Pictures


Ali Zafar and Ayesha Fazli Wedding pictureCheck out some more photos from Ali Zafar’s marriage … These Pictures show the most important & happy moments of both’s life. Its the time of Nikaah when both the bride & groom embrace each other as life time partner. After this moment , we may see in pictures below Ali hugging his family & friends ( its a tradition as well) . Jawad Ahmed’s presence can also be noted.

This was such a wonderful wedding one may wish to attend.

Hey Ali!  the next time when you gonna marry dont forget to invite PakiUM Team( lolz :D  bad joke )

Aey ALLAH we sincerely pray that you bless this couple:

In sickness and in health may they find your strength.
In doubts and troubles may they see your light.
In hurts and failures may they find your pardon.
In loneliness and desperation may they find your joy.
Also we pray, that you bless them with a family
So blissful, prosperous and ever healthy,
And above all, filled with love, faith and hope that is founded on you.

Disclaimer:Some pictures are sent to us by email which are tagged with the name “fahad” so definitely these were taken by this guy . we are just sharing these pictures for our visitors & not claiming that these are Exclusive or taken by any of our team member.

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