Crack down against Pakistani Music Website Owners


I was enjoying my holidays in northern Pakistan when i was told by many friends that FIA on request of Fire Records has started a crackdown against Music websites of Pakistan.Fire Records which come under the umbrella of GEO TV had asked FIA to trace the websites which are involved in music piracy in Pakistan.

It was not at all that much unexpected for me as my sources had informed me months ago that this gonna happen & i had also informed my fellow website owners to be careful and that fire records administration is very much serious on this issue.Dr. Yazdani the CEO of fire records also endorsed this in his interview given to INSTEP (another JANG/GEO publication).

You must have watched it on GEO TV, read it in Jang Newspapers or listened it from your friends about the apprehension of MAG4YOu website owner who was caught from DHA and that the next websites to be traced down are & I personally think this was only the trailor & a message given by FR to all music website owners.I dont want to discuss what FR has done with MAG4YOU people but what will be the result of all this ? I am more interested in it.

Will FR be able to Stop music piracy in Pakistan ?

Is Free Pakistani Music Download good or bad for us as a nation ?

Is Pakistani nation ready to pay Rs. 80 for a Music Album ?

Alternatives to download complete Pakistani music albums

How Fire Records can earn more ?

Role of Music websites in promotion of Pakistani Music

this & much more will be written & publish over here in the next coming days.Anyone who is interested to write on the above topics can send us his contribution on , We would love to publish it on our website.

Signing out for now ….  will write more on this issue later & present my detailed views on this as soon as i get time.


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