Qayaas is not Performing Tonight


Qayaas the band Suppossed to Perform tonight with Noori at PNCA but they were really hurt by the Management as their names were print on passes without any permission and payment.They Got Check which Bounced Results in anger of Qayaas the Band.

Official words from the band about what really happened:

Dear All,

It is with a heavy heart that we have to let all of you know that Qayaas will not be performing at the concert scheduled for today August 20, 2009 at PNCA. It is due to the extreme mismanagement, sheer negligence and highly unprofessional attitude of the organizers, 3D Marketing, namely Mr. Abdul Shakoor Tanoli and Mr. Ali Khurram. We would like to make it a point to share the details of this eventuality with all of you as most of you might have bought tickets for the event. We would like to apologize to all of you who are coming just to see us perform. We will inshallah ensure that those of you who have been affected will be given free passes to our upcoming shows. Please feel free to write to us at

As for this scenario, we are contemplating about lodging an FIR complaint against the organizers as they published our band’s name on the posters without any advance payment to the band. Moreover, the cheque that was given to us as a token of advance payment bounced. This is a serious offence and can be taken to the Court of Law. This was an embarrassment for the band and sheer incompetency and lack of respect at the organizer’s end. It is this general lack of respect for artists that genuinely hurts us. Till the time these organizers who we shall refer to as unorganized and greedy kids trying to make a quick buck on the account of others are taught a lesson, things like this will continue. These kids wrongly start assuming that by playing an instrument for a few months or years, they have become musicians and know the inside out of arranging and managing a concert. 100 % of the time, they have no clue about what they are doing both musically as well as arranging a show. The reason for non-payment that has been given to us is that since the venue at PNCA is big, they have not been able to sell enough tickets and are therefore unable to make any payments.

We are highlighting this because this has been going on for a while but someone has to take a stand. It is the artists at the end who always get blamed for such eventualities. We (the artists) are not going to be toyed around like this anymore. This is not about the money but about mutual respect which is found lacking here. Arranging a concert is no easy feat and has its own complicated dynamics from Venue Arrangement to Sound Generation to Stage Management to Venue Security to Artist Management to Marketing Campaign to Administrative Approvals. These so called organizers spend all their energies on marketing, promotion and arranging a venue but nothing on the other important and critical aspects of arranging a show. This is the reason that sound is always an issue at these shows. This is the reason that shows like these always start late. This is the reason that there are huge delays between band changes and this is the reason there are fights among the agitated crowd.

From this day onwards, we will be arranging our own concerts from our own money and make them the most transparent and kick ass rock shows ever done here. The tickets will be priced comfortably for all. We are currently planning a show right after Eid and all those who have been affected today because of no fault of ours will be given free passes. This is just to show that we genuinely care about all of you. We are what we are because of you fans. That is why we are writing this to let out the truth. We would have done that last night had the organizers not begged us to wait till noon today.

As for the other bands namely Noori and Jal, we will personally talk to them and let them know about this because if God forbid the situation gets out of control, we don’t want them to getting caught up in this. Such a thing has already happened in the past at the eP & Qayaas show where our equipment got damaged when the agitated crowd found out that eP is not coming. Here again, a lot of people have bought tickets just to see Qayaas and we are taking no responsibility for what they might do when they find out that they have been ripped off. This is the reason we are contemplating legal proceedings against 3D Marketing. We would advise all of you to also if possible boycott this event.


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