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If you are a Pakistani Music fan and can write something on the topic then you are the one we are looking for.

PakiUM.com is looking for guest writers/bloggers who can write on Pakistani Music Industry.You can cover any topic related to our music industry.

Also you can review New Music Albums , Videos & Songs.

Guidelines :

You can only write in English language (not roman urdu or anything)

You can either criticize any celebrity or praise someone

You can share a Gossip or any insightful story.

You are also allowed to create hype for your favourite band or artist .(but in a reasonable manner)

You are not bound to write daily but you should at least post your article once in a week or twice in a month.

There’s no minimum word limit, your contributions should have at least two or more paragraphs of text.

You are free to express your views & opinions through your writing but abusive language will not be allowed here.

You are not allowed to copy-paste from any other website & post it here , if you are copying something give proper credits to that source with a link to that webpage.

If you are running your own blog , you can give the link of it at the end of your article. (it would help get more exposure for your blog)

What are the Benefits?

Your article & writing peace will be published on the main page of our website.

PakiUM.com is currently getting 700000+ Unique visitors & 1500000+ Page views per month. So, you won’t be talking to walls.

You can change the mindsets of our site visitors & readers with your writing which includes mostly media related persons.

Our blog is also being visited by many newspapers editors & writers, so if you write something unique & worth reading there is a chance that you can be contacted to write for any widely published newspaper or magazine.(highly recommended if you want to take it as a profession or part-time job)

We will share with you Exclusive Releases first & also the stuff we never shared on site or removed it for some reasons.

You will be given your own email address e.g author@pakium.pk (emails will be auto-forwarded to your hotmail/gmail/yahoo address, so that you will not need to access another email account)

If you are interested please send us your following info:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your Email Address or Contact No.
  3. Topics you are interested in
  4. A short paragraph of 3-4 lines describing yourself

Send your above mentioned information at this email address admin@pakium.com

or you can also contact us through this page

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