Concert Pictures:Ali Azmat & Sajid & Zeeshan live in concert At Ramada Hotel


I was planning to share these concert pictures from many days , but couldnt share it due to non-accessibility i was facing with my site.

Ali Azmat came to karachi & perforned last week (27 June ) live at Ramada Hotel with the best session players of Pakistan . His band was consisted of Omran Shafique – Pakistan’s Leading & very talented guitar player & who is also playing at Coke Studio – Mannu the well known bassist & Gumby – Pakistan’s specialist & unique drum player. This gang simply rocked Karachi with their performance. The show was started with the performance of Sajid & Zeeshan.

The show was organised by UROCK , for more details about UROCK &  how can you get almost free passes for Underground Dance Party & Upcoming Concerts, keep checking our site .Till then check out these Exclusive Photos taken by Salman Yaqub:


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