Lolywood Has A Shortage Of Screenwriters, Says Pervaiz Kaleem


Face of Pakistani film industry, Screenwriter and director Pervaiz Kaleem has been the voice of an over haul , which Lollywood deserves. Apart from some conventional stories,on which pakistani films are always based, Pervaiz has tried to form some unconventional genre of films by writing some unequivocal and modern stories. Kaleem said,”Today, we have to write screenplays in a new way — writers can relate but there is a change in tempo, It’s not like it used to be. We, now, have the freedom to add more things into a script.”

pervaiz Kaleem

Prevaiz thinks that there is a shortage of trained story writers and film makers, which is having an adverse affect on the film industry. He believes that the deficiency of trained writers in Lollywood is due to technical issues the job encompasses. “There are many people who can narrate stories, but we have to understand that screenwriting in itself is a different thing; it is a technical job,” he continues. “You need to be trained by a professional to be able to write a solid screenplay.”

Kaleem feels that a writer should be cleared in his mind, to all sorts of themes and the audience should construe these stories with an open mind. “I have never tackled just one issue and have always tried to explore a broad base of subject matter when writing scripts, I have used my profession to promote nationalism. This is something I am very open about — I am a nationalist,” Pervaiz continued


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