Mekaal Hassan Band Waris Shah Video???


Not many people know that Meekal Hassan Band had released an animated video last year. The video was of the song name “Waris Shah” which was from MHB’s first album Sampooran & directed by Zeeshan Pervaiz . The band wanted to release the video in India with their album release but this couldnt be happened. The only source of the video on youtube was I and another friend of mine Adnan. We both got request from Zeeshan Pervaiz & both acted & deleted the Video accordingly. (you can try searching google for this video, you wont find it anywhere)

Zeeshan told me that you can upload the video after one month when MHB’s album will be releasing & the video will be running on Indian Music Channels. But again this couldnt be happen & till then i didnt try to re-upload that video.Anyhow,i do respect Zeeshan & i am not going to re-upload the video until i get “Green Signal” from Zeeshan.

So all i can share with you guys right now is the screenshot of the animated video.Here is the snapshots of the video (click to enlarge the image)


To download this track click here

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