Coke Studio Season 4 to be continued…


Coke Studio Season 4 2011The fourth musical season of Coke Studio has just ended up…! yes we all thought that, but here is something left which the CS team would reveal only after the month of Ramazan.

It was known that Episode 5 would be the last episode for season 4, and as always, the fans were expecting something really BIG in it. But eventually it ended up with only two performances along with the intros/interviews of the whole artist line-up of the season. Majority of the CS fans showed disappointment over ending up the season this way.

For their surprise, the season is not yet finished. Coke Studio has still something to offer, to which we can call a ‘bonus stuff‘ and that would be revealed only after the holy month of Ramadhan.

Just after releasing the Episode 5 Stuff, CS team (after thanking the fans for their continued support) announced on Facebook Page that they will be posting ‘some tracks’ after Ramzan as well. Now ‘some tracks’ are definitely more than one, and if we have to guess they should (actually MUST) be the ‘new tracks’.

Now what tracks or artistes they can be ? is a question! We have got a clue from Sajjad Ali’s recent interview with Express Tribune:

“One more song is yet to come in the final episode”, said Sajjad Ali who is creating waves in Pakistani music scene with his Coke studio songs: Kirkir and Rang Laga. (But it didnt come in the 5th episode which was supposed to be the final episode of the season.)

When he was inquired about singing his epic hit single ‘bolo-bolo’ in final episode of Coke Studio, he denied the rumors and said:

“It is not ‘Bolo Bolo’ and I can’t disclose anything else because I have a gentleman’s agreement with Coke. However, it will be something fresh and catchy.”

So the things confirmed here are: he has got one more track; and he seems very much confident that it is going to be release after Ramazan. Lets wait a bit more and be curious about tracks that will be releasing and artists who will be ending up the season.

Have you got any guess ? Bilal Khan, Ataullah Essa Khelvi, Jal, Akhtar Channal Zahri OR MHB 😉

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