My Mother by JO-G | A Journey of Life of a Mother and her Child



My Mother is a beautiful story of a mother and a child and the journey from an infant to an adult. The relation between a mother and a son. The story of realization of a mother’s love as the man grows up.
Artist: JO-G
Song: My Mother | A Journey of Life of a Mother and her Child
Generously sponsored by Greeniche Natural Health Canada.
Artist & Narrator: JO-G
Poetry : Nazia Q Nazia Naz
Director / Cinematographer / Post: JO-G
Makeup & Styling: Tabi Moazzam
JO-G’s Narration DP: Kejd Kuqo
Special Thanks to: alive Magazine , All the fans, Friends, Family and The Almighty.
Copyright © ‘JO-G’ and ‘JO-G Studio Productions’
All Rights Reserved

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That first loving touch when you opened your eyes
The first one to see that you shine brighter then the stars in the skies

The one who is so near that you’d breathe to the sound of her heartbeat
When she held you so close to her chest till you fell sound asleep

She even made sure your bath is warm and not too cold
All while she cooked and cleaned for you and took care of the household

She helped you speak your every word and always stood by your side
And with those same words she taught you, you sometimes bring tears to her eyes

You don’t always listen when she tells you something that’s for your own good
Instead you yell, and do what YOU think that YOU should

Cuz now you know everything, what she says sometimes to you means nothing
Not realizing that even in her nothing there is endless loving

So you tread along life remiss, achieving your every goal
And each time you trip over a pebble you cry and call out to her soul

And she hears you loud and clear with no sounds of words
And no matter where you are you know that she heard

And you wonder every time when you fall why you never bleed
And THEN you realize one day when you find yourself praying on your knees

For YOUR little one. Oh God, please protect my child from that fall
THAT’S when you think of her, and all her prayers after all

And You know there is nothing like her shade that brings your heart that inner cool
And wish you could bring her half as much but you were such a fool.

So now you wish for her to scold you and and take in each word with a smile and pride
Knowing SHE is YOUR mother, SHE is your MOST VALUED PRIZE

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