Party Time with #BariPepsi


Its summer time again and like all times we need a reason to hit the beach and party, eat and drink the whole day. I am sure you can imagine & relate to that feeling!

Talking about Party, the news has it that PepsiCo has introduced an even bigger Pepsi bottle. This time it’s a GIANT 2.5 Liter party bottle that is big enough to fill the thirst of a dozen people.

Bari Pepsi Bari Party

I think it’s a perfect decision by PepsiCo to introduce this gigantic #BariPepsi. In Pakistan, we mostly have joint family system and during summers most of the families plan to go out for picnic. Now, ask us boys who have to hold & move multiple bottles for everyone. With this new party bottle, now instead of having multiple 1L or 1.5L bottles, we can now fill all glasses with a single bottle. YAY!!! So Much Win!!! 😀

I am not sure if the party bottles are only available for Pepsi, but I am happy on the part that most of our family members prefer “Pepsi” over other flavours. Thank God.

Before Ramadan, we are also planning to travel to northern areas of Pakistan and I am quite excited for all the parties & bonfires we will be doing up on the mountains. Needless to say, #BariPepsi will be our ultimate choice in drinks & it will make our parties even bigger & better than before.

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