Ali Zafar endorses the new Yamaha YBR125


Yamaha has a very distinctive style when it comes to motorcycle manufacturing and is known as one of the largest motorcycle makers in the world.

The company has always managed to maintain its masculine brand world by appealing the young and energetic men and now it has chosen the third sexiest Asian man Ali Zafar as their brand ambassador.


One of the reasons why the decision is one of the most perfect decisions is that Yamaha’s new model YBR125 which Ali Zafar is endorsing has been designed for that stronger kind that the star belongs to.

This new persona of Yamaha is mainly about the star making quality and fun side of Yamaha. Also it introduces you to the practical side that the company has been known for since it was made. Features that are distinctive in this new motorcycle are the halogen lights and strong wheel grip.

Ali Zafar and Yamaha do match when it comes to an adventurous lifestyle and rough and tough looks. Even the TVC captures those men who are meant to challenge, explore and live a carefree life with Ali Zafar’s Rockstar as the background track.

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Watch below Yamaha Thematic TVC 2016 featuring the Rockstar Ali Zafar


Rock On with Yamaha YBR125 ft. Ali ZafarThe BIG reveal is finally here! Ali Zafar rocks on as the face of Yamaha YBR125.

Posted by Yamaha Motor Pakistan on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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