Imran Abbas to appear as SSW Soldier in new music video


Imran Abbas SSW soldier

After his success playing a repatriated prince in Indian director Muzaffar Ali’s  period drama ‘Jaanisaar’  screen and TV heart-throb and true patriot Imran Abbas  finished shooting a nationalistic music video soon after Pakistan’s 68th Independence celebrations.’

Imran Abbas SSW Soldier 2

Shot in Kallar Kahar,( a town and subdivision of Chakwal District) and  in Sarghoda. the music video ‘SHER DIL SHAHEEN’ is picturized on a song sung by legendary music impresario Rahat Fateh Ali Khan  and composed by Sahir Ali Bagga ( of Arz-e-Yasrab Suno Ye Mera Payam fame) and directed by Shariq Khan (Head of Productions & Director at Incision Films). The Director of Photography (DOP) was Rana Kamran who just finished his DOP duties on the Pakistani road flick ‘Karachi se Lahore’.


Sher Dil Shaheen’ is Pakistan’s first ever music video dedicated to the Pakistan SSW ( the newest military division of the Special Forces Command of Pakistan Armed Forces) and the Pakistan Air Force (PAF)  and features Imran Abbas amid  exciting footage of F16 and JF-17 aircraft.


It seems Imran’s versatility knows no bounds whether he is seen confidently riding  a horse in ‘Jaanisaar’  with flowing locks or shown short-coiffed and  flying aircraft in this latest music video!


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